Dresden Files

Herbert Orson Caine is a mugger, rapist, and extortionist. He first appears in "Heorot" and again in "Last Call". He brews a mead called "Caine's Kickass".

In the series[]


In "Heorot", during the NIGHT OF THE LIVING BREWS competition at Wrigley Field along with Roger Braddock and McAnally, Caine confronted Braddock with stealing his keg of mead. About to start a fight, he backed down when he notices the presence of a cop nearby. Braddock explained that Caine once made a move on Roger's wife, Elizabeth Braddock, and that she embarrassed him; he has been holding a grudge ever since. Later, still angry at Harry Dresden, Caine and two friends jumped him in an alley along with two friends, but are fended off.[1]

"Last Call[]

In "Last Call", he is suspected of messing with MacAnally's beer. Karrin Murphy and Harry Dresden visit him at his apartment, and he runs, though he's quickly caught up with, and threatened with death in a melodramatic way. Caine quickly cracked up, leading them to Burt Decker, who sold him the bloodstone.[2]