Hellhounds are a kind of faerie, found in the Nevernever. They first appear in "Welcome to the Jungle".


Hellhounds are dog-like creatures, being described as great shapes, like mastiffs built from shadow and soot.[1] Otherwise, they seem to share a similar physiology with actual dogs.

Like normal dogs, Hellhounds have the ability to track down scents, though they do so remarkably well in the Nevernever. But, like all other faerie creatures, hellhounds are extremely vulnerable to cold iron.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Grave PerilEdit

Prompted by Dr. Dana Watson, a hellhound attacks Harry Dresden and Willamena Rogers when they leave Lincoln Park Zoo, causing a lot of collateral damage before being destroyed by Dresden.[2]

Grave PerilEdit

They are used by the Leanansidhe to hunt down Harry Dresden.[1][3]


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