Hecate[Footnote 1] is a(n often triple) Greek goddess of crossroads, witchcraft, and herbalism.


Summer Queens

A preolympian goddess of the underworld, Hecate[Footnote 1] is by extension associated with death and the night. She is often depicted as threefold,[Footnote 2] and as such it extends her protection to womanhood. She has often been conflated with the moon goddess Diana.[Footnote 3]

In the seriesEdit

Skin GameEdit

Winter Queens

In Skin Game, Hannah Ascher recognizes two groups of three golden statues in Hades' Vault as representation of her, but Harry Dresden feels they represent the Faerie Queens.[1] Further, Hades mentions she has led Demeter around, as a wedding gift to him and Persephone, so they could enjoy a honeymoon without Demeter's cumbersome presence.[2]


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