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Hannah Ascher is a female warlock. She first appears in Skin Game.


Hannah Ascher is nearly six feet tall, with long and intensely curled dark hair, falling almost to her waist.[1]

Her control on fire magic is superior to that of Harry Dresden, as she is capable of selectively burning off an Octokong's head with a bolt of fire.[2] She's also able to control fire so that she can turn a finger into a small arc welder without her hand getting burned.[3]


She is wanted for the murder of three people, burning them from the inside out, and has been on the run from the White Council longer than any other warlock on recent record. Her story of the event is that she was defending herself from three men trying to rape her. Six years previously, she had staged her own death in Australia.[1] Since then she'd been working with the Fellowship of Saint Giles.[4]

In the series[]

Skin Game[]

Nicodemus Archleone hired her as a pyromancy specialist for their mission to Hades, along with her partner, fellow warlock Binder.[1]

Motivated by her desire to avenge her Fellowship of Saint Giles' friends, she accepted Lasciel's coin, and died fighting Harry Dresden; the coin remained in the demesne of Hades.[5]


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