Hammerhands is a Fetch. It first appears in Proven Guilty.


Hammerhands is a Phobophage, or Fetch, in the form of a horror-movie monster with hammers for hands.[1]

Hammerhands came from an old classic horror film titled: Hammerhands, about a farmer pushed under a train which cuts off his hands. Ther farmer survives, but, now insane, he gets sledgehammers strapped to his arms in order to hunt down the villains.[1]

Clark Pell shows it at Pell's Theater.[1] In this connection, Nelson Lenhardt had been accused of the crime of attacking Clark Pell.[2]

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Proven GuiltyEdit

In Proven Guilty, Clark Pell said it was the real Hammerhands that had attacked him in the restroom at SplatterCon!!!.[3]

Later, Hammerhands and the other Phobophages, or FetchesScarecrow and the Reaper—attacked the Carpenter home. In an attempt to escape Hammerhands, Daniel Carpenter climbed up into the tree house where Hammerhands couldn't follow having no hands.[4]

At Arctis Tor, Hammerhands reappeared and fought with Karrin Murphy.[5]


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