Dresden Files

Hades' Vault Seven is the warehouse where Hades keeps a number of one-of-a-kind items. It is first seen in Skin Game.


The vault is enormous and house a vast number of antiques, treasures and religious artifacts, collected over many millennia of history. Most, if not all, of them are imbued with enormous magical power, making them extremely powerful weapons – the vault is actually Hades' armory, whose purpose is to safely keep them from falling in the hands of those who are too weak or incompetent to use them appropriately.[1]

Two twenty-foot tall statues of an old woman, a mature woman, and a young woman standing back to back in a triangle, are the first feature noticed in the vault - light pouring from their stretched hands, golden-green from one, green-blue from the other. Both Hannah Ascher and Harry Dresden recognize them as representations of the Triple Goddess in the form of Hecate and the current Queens of the Faerie Courts.[2]

An exhibit resting on a marble block in the middle of the vault includes: an “ancient wooden placard”, a “circlet woven from thorny branches”, a “clay cup”, a “folded cloth”, and a “knife with a wooden handle and a leaf-shaped blade”, five items related to Christ’s death and resurrection.[2]

In the series[]

Skin Game[]

In Skin Game, Nicodemus Archleone plans to break into the vault to obtain an extremely powerful magical artifact - the Holy Grail.[3] He is, however, set up by Mab, Hades and Marcone to make sure that Harry Dresden secures most of the items relating to Christ's Passion before Nicodemus can get them.[1]


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