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Hades[Footnote 1] is the Greek god of the Underworld[Footnote 2] and Lord of the Dead. He first appears in Skin Game.


I’m pretty sure if you pull a gun on Hades, you deserve whatever happens to you.Harry Dresden[1]

Hades is described as an imposing man about seven feet tall, who wears a black suit and a crown of Mordite,[2] and shows austere and refined tastes.[3] He is known in the supernatural world as a collector of art and antiques.[4]


Hades is the Greek God of the Underworld. Harry Dresden disagrees with the idea that Hades is a villain; he notes that although the other Greek Gods are often seen as capricious, immature and petty, Hades is never shown as shirking his duties or causing problems except for his marriage to Persephone. When Dresden asks, Hades tells him that Persephone[Footnote 3] came to him freely; the myth came because her mother Demeter[Footnote 4] couldn't get over her empty nest syndrome and had trouble letting go. He also wryly explains that his sister led Demeter around the universe, taking her as far away from the newlyweds as she could, letting them enjoy their honeymoon in peace. Hades describes this as "worth more than gold or jewels".[3]

Hades is severe to the point of harshness but never past the point of necessity. While other Olympian gods[Footnote 5] often shirk their duties, Hades upholds his charge with fairness. While no longer receiving the amount of souls he once did, with the majority of new souls coming from those attempting to access his vault, he still continues to see to his duty.[3]

While preferring to maintain a neutral role in the affairs of mortals,[3] he nevertheless cooperated with Mab and John Marcone to set up the necessary requirements for his vault to be accessed, which included entrusting Marcone's bank with his deposit and allowing information pertaining to the contents of his vault to be leaked to Nicodemus Archleone.[5] He owns a vault in the Capristi Building which allows access to his domain in the Underworld.[6]

In the series[]

Skin Game[]

In Skin Game, Hades is the god of the Underworld and is a collector of treasure, and rare, valuable, or powerful items, which he stores in a series of heavily-guarded vaults. His magical collection includes the Holy Grail, coveted by Nicodemus Archleone, a wooden placard, a circlet of thorns, a folded cloth, a leaf-shaped knife with a wooden handle. He keeps the weapons in an armory away from incompetent individuals, only to be released to the right hands at the right time. He works along with Mab and Marcone to set up Nicodemus and grant Dresden with access to all the weapons.[3]



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