Dresden Files
Grey Council

The Grey Council is the unofficial name of the counter-Black Council organization created by Ebenezar McCoy. According to McCoy, the members are a selection of carefully chosen White Council wizards and a few allies.


Known members are Harry Dresden and Ebenezar McCoy; McCoy is the only one who knows the names of every member.[1] Donar Vadderung is presumed to be a member. He was present at Chichén Itzá, dressed like the rest of the members, and assisted with the battle.[2] When Vadderung meets with Dresden at McAnally's Pub in Cold Days, he implies he is a member, and Dresden accepts it.[3]

In the series[]

Turn Coat[]

The creation of the Grey Council was proposed by Ebenezar McCoy at the end of Turn Coat when he invited Harry Dresden to join them.[1]

If discovered by the White Council, it is likely that the members would either be found guilty of being the Black Council or, because of the nature of the organization, treated as a threat equal to the it. Either way, its members would almost certainly be executed under charges of sedition; therefore, its existence must be kept secret. The reason they join is the only alternative to stand by and watch everything fall apart.[1]


In Changes, the Grey Council arrives in Chichén Itzá with Ebenezar McCoy to fight the Red Court and help Harry Dresden stop the Bloodline curse from killing his and Susan Rodriguez's daughter.[4]

Dresden spots Donar Vadderung with the strike team that went to fight the Red Court while opening a gate directly to Chicago.[2]


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