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Gregori Cristos is a male wizard and a member of the Senior Council. He first appears in Turn Coat.


What about the White Council?
They’ll get things sorted out soon. Amazing how things fell apart just long enough for them to sit them out.
With Cristos running it.
He’s Black Council.
Or maybe stupid.
Not sure which is scarier.
[Ebenezar blinked at me, then snorted]
Stupid, Hoss. Every time. Only so many blackhearted villains in the world, and they only get uppity on occasion. Stupid’s everywhere, every day.
— Harry Dresden and Ebenezar McCoy on Gregori Cristos and the chaos in the Hidden Halls of Edinburgh following Arianna Ortega's visit.[1]

Cristos is known for his support by non-western nations. It is assumed that he wanted the power of a seat in the Senior Council, and could not be bought off. He is one of Aleron LaFortier's understudies. He gained a lot of support after so many of LaFortier's supporters were lost at Donald Morgan's trial by the attack of the Mordite infused Mistfiend that Samuel Peabody unleashed. He builds his influence on people's fears.[2]

According to Ebenezar McCoy, he's a very unpleasant wizard.[2]

Harry Dresden and Ebenezar McCoy suspect him of being Black Council. Dresden suggests that he may have been the one on Demonreach with Peabody. And now the Black Council has a man inside—they killed Aleron LaFortier to get him into position. After Chichén Itzá, Dresden still thinks he might be Black Council.[2]


Gregori Cristos is a Greek who has lived throughout southern Asia over the past couple of centuries. He distinguished himself in the battle with the Rakshasa Raja the council took on recently.[2]

In the series[]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn CoatAleron LaFortier's seat is given to Gregori Cristos instead of Klaus the Toymaker who should have been next in line. According to McCoy, Cristos told the Merlin, Arthur Langtry, that he and his allies would secede from the Council if he didn't get the seat. He'd have taken a third of the Council with him.[2]


In Changes, Cristos leads a peace effort between the Red Court and the White Council by hosting Duchess Arianna Ortega at a special meeting held in the Ostentatiatory at the White Council headquarters, backed by a large bloc of supporters. He treats Harry Dresden like a lawbreaker when Dresden demands that Arianna return the child she stole. Cristos accuses Dresden of war-mongering, restarting The War, and breaking safe conduct under the Accords.[3]

Peace Talks[]

In Peace Talks, Ebenezar McCoy suspects Cristos' influence in getting Dresden removed from the White Council.[4] Cristos himself sought to ingratiate himself with Svartalfheim following the attack by Thomas Raith, and helped to open diplomatic channels between Lara Raith and Etri.[5] Together with Lara, he managed to convince Etri to transfer custody of Thomas Raith to Baron Marcone.[6] Later he sued for peace with the Fomor,[7] and after they betrayed the Accords, worked with the Senior Council in opposition to Ethniu.[8]

Battle Ground[]

In Battle Ground, Cristos was hit by a Fomor squid, although his enchanted suit protected him and Warden Yoshimo killed the creature.[9] He later accompanied Wizard McCoy to confront the Jotnar, priming the ground before them so that McCoy could transform it into quicksand to engulf the giants.[10] During the main battle, Cristos acquitted himself by yanking Fomor soldiers into the earth, killing and entombing them in rapid motions. However, he was struck down by Ethniu, and his survival is unknown.[11]


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