Dresden Files

Greg Beckitt is the husband of Helen Beckitt and the father of Amanda Beckitt. He first appears in Storm Front.


His daughter, Amanda, was shot in a crossfire between John Marcone and a Jamaican gang, three years before the events of Storm Front. The shooter was never found, so he and his wife resolved to get their vengeance upon Marcone, whom they felt was partly responsible. He offered them reparation, but they turned it down. They attempted to file a wrongful death lawsuit, but couldn't win against Marcone's lawyers.[1]

Since they couldn't beat him by legal means, the two eventually allied with Victor Sells, participating in rituals to help make the ThreeEye drug, and death curses in order to sabotage Marcone's business. They were both later arrested for indecent exposure, and were later charged with drug distribution.[2]

He was a prime suspect, in Harry Dresden's mind, for the a suspected serial killer of practitioners, in White Night, but it turned out that he been killed in prison several years previously - during Grave Peril or slightly before that. He was shot when a guard's gun accidentally discharged, when a prisoner was trying to wrestle it away from the guard during a prison riot.[3]

In the series[]

Storm Front[]

In Storm Front,

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White Night[]

In White Night, Karrin Murphy looks into the Beckitt's history and states that Greg Beckitt was killed in a prison riot.[3]


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