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Graceland[Footnote 1] is Chicago's largest graveyard,[1] and the cemetery in which Harry Dresden has his grave and gravestone. It is first mentioned Grave Peril.


Graceland is Chicago's largest cemetery, and its walls keep the spirits in.[1]

The ghost of Inez, resides there, by whose statue Bianca St. Claire reserved a grave for Harry Dresden. It is a white marble gravestone  inscribed with a gold pentacle set in the center, with the words: "HERE LIES HARRY DRESDEN ✬ HE DIED DOING THE RIGHT THING".[2]

In the series[]

Grave Peril[]

In Grave Peril, Harry Dresden saw the Nightmare drag Charity Carpenter into the graveyard.[3] He follows and battle with it. the Leanansidhe appeared and with another bargain gave a hint about the answer was all around him. Michael Carpenter fights it with Amoracchius. Charity Carpenter risks lose her unborn child. The Nightmare grabs her and forces Michael Carpenter to drop the Sword. Dresden jumps it and rolls it down into the stream where it melts. Lea tricks Dresden out of the Sword.[1]

At her BallBianca St. Claire gave Harry Dresden a gravestone and an open plot as part of her plan for revenge against him—saying that his grave will be filled by morning.[2]

Dead Beat[]

Dead beat accrpg

Mavra blackmailing Harry.

In Dead Beat, Harry Dresden meets Mavra by his grave where she blackmails him into finding the Word of Kemmler by threatening to expose Karrin Murphy as a murderer.[4] Dresden meets her again by his grave and gives her the book with a warning to never threaten or harm any of his people again.[5]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, Harry Dresden's ghost flees the dawn to find shelter in his grave. When he awakes, Inez the "Famous ghost of Graceland" is standing by his grave. She predicts that he will become a monster.

Then Eternal Silence informs Dresden that he "must understand his path. That before you. That behind." and "It is essential to his survival." and more than he should say.[6] Later, Dresden again seeks shelter in his grave, where he recalls the day he returned home early—Justin DuMorne had enthralled Elaine Mallory and was about to lay a trap for him. the Leanansidhe was sitting atop the grave edge watching his memories play out. Dresden bargains the rest of the tale for three questions answered. Then Dresden shows her the fight with He Who Walks Behind and Lea answers the three questions.[7]



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