Goodman Grey is a male scion of a Naagloshii. He first appears in Skin Game.


Goodman Grey is an unremarkable-looking man in his late thirties, of medium height, built as if had more muscle to him than it is readily apparent. His features are clean-cut, pleasant but not particularly handsome, he can pass for a resident just about anywhere in the western hemisphere and in chunks of the rest of the world. Dark-haired with a few threads of grey in it, his eyes, however, weren't human: golden-brown with flecks of bronze in them and a semimetallic sheen to them, almost a trick of the light, appearing for an instant before disappearing again.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Skin GameEdit

In Skin Game, Harry Dresden hired him to act as his plant during the heist. They talked in code, and Grey would eventually show his true allegiance by fighting Nicodemus when Dresden said "Game over." Up to that point, Grey had pretended to work with Nicodemus, do his bidding, pretended to not like Dresden, occasionally bickering with him, and acted as if the two of them had never met each other.[2]

Dresden was shocked to discover that Grey was the son of a Naagloshii. Grey replies that neither of them choose to be children of their parents and that both of them were difficult people to deal with. Grey did not take any money from the heist, as he technically wasn't hired for it. Grey's price was for "rent money", which turned out to be one dollar.[2]


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