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A golem is an anthropomorphic being magically animated from inanimate matter, generally clay or mud.[Footnote 1] It first appears in "It's My Birthday, Too".


Common figures in Jewish folklore,[Footnote 2] the most famous is the one created by the mystic Maharal.[Footnote 3] Having no physical or emotional weakness, they're excellent tools of destruction and can be used bot for protection and oppression.[1]

In the series[]

"It's My Birthday, Too"[]

In "It's My Birthday, Too", Harry Dresden and Molly Carpenter have fought a slime golem, resulting in them being coated with its stinking slime. While the clothes have to be destroyed, duster, staff and blasting rod can be salvaged.[2]

"Day Off"[]

In "Day Off", a barbed-wire golem is mentioned.[3]

"Down Town"[]

In "Down Town", managed by his master, the golem attacks and kills two people, and kidnaps a third victim under the eyes of Karrin Murphy and Henry Rawlins, who fail to block him. later on. At Sam Fogle's murder scene, Harry Dresden gathers a piece of the golem, which later almost kills Molly Carpenter but is later used to track down the golem in Undertown.[1]