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Goblins are fae. They first appear in "Ghoul Goblin" and are among Mab's troops in Summer Knight.[1]

They are wyldfae and can be aligned with either the Summer Court and Winter Court.(reference needed) Their ruler is the Erlking.(reference needed)


Goblins are considered the foot soldiers of the Winter Court.[2]

Harry Dresden describes them as lantern-jawed, burly humanoids with wide, batlike ears.[1]

Dresden describes them as vaguely humanoids and being vaguely similar, but all different. They have gleaming red eyes and had the overall look of an evil gang. They are tall and emaciated, some squat, some muscular, some medium-sized and every combination in between. Some have huge ears, or no ears, or odd shaggy chins, and all have asymmetrical features. Their similarity is in mismatchedness; each body in "aesthetic war with itself".[3]

Their garb consists of cloth and leather armor, all bearing geometric inscribed shapes, mostly in variation of black. Their arms are: knives, swords, axes, and even crueler implements of battle.[3]

They bleed a greenish blood.[4]

In the series[]

"Ghoul Goblin"[]

In "Ghoul Goblin", a goblin is partly responsible for the execution and maintenance of the curse cast upon the Talbot family before being discovered by Harry Dresden and Prescott Tremaine.[5]

Summer Knight[]

In Summer Knight, in the war between Summer and Winter Courts, Harry Dresden led his group of werewolves and changelings around the battlefield, in an attempt to stop Maeve at the Stone Table. Among the Winter troops behind Winter's battle lines, were battered goblins dragging their dead and some of their wounded onto the carrion pile that Sylphs were scavenging through.[1] Dresden rescued a group of goblins from a pack of giant bees with a fire blast that killed one bee and sent the rest retreating. Then a goup attacked the traitor Lloyd Slate on horseback and Dresden witnessed him slaughter a Goblin.[4]

Proven Guilty[]

In Proven Guilty, when entering Arctis Tor, Harry Dresden and team encounter numerous dead bodies of goblins and trolls entering the fortress. They were all burned with Hellfire.[2] Later in the series, Dresden learned that it was the Denarian, Thorned Namshiel, that used Hellfire at Arctis Tor was.[6]


In Changes, Harry Dresden and Susan Rodriguez escape the Eebs through a way into the Erlking's great dining hall. They're surrounded by goblins and pursued by the Eebs with their vampires and the Ik'k'uox close behind.[3] Erlking considers what to do with all of them. Lord Ordulaka suggests that the Erlking render blood judgement on the intruders. Rafforut, slender and five feet tall, suggests that the Erlking call a trial by blood (combat). And so the Erlking makes Dresden and Rodriguez fight a vamp and the Ik'k'uox.[7]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, goblins are among the Winter Court faeries that sing Happy Birthday to Harry Dresden.[8]


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