Glenmael is a young Sidhe Lord. He first appears in Changes.


In Changes, he is the driver of an emerald green stretch limousine for the Leanansidhe.

He initially appears as the usual limo driver in a black suit. Harry Dresden notices that he looks too good to be human and the guise fall away so that Dresden see him as he truly appears. He is a young Sidhe Lord wearing an emerald green tunic and tights with accents of deep violet. He had sunny hair in a braid that falls to his back. He has feline amber eyes with cat slits.[1]

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In Changes, the Leanansidhe has him help Harry Dresden and Susan Rodriguez into the limo. As they're driving down the highway, Glenmael is driving so fast they pass a racing patrol car as though it were standing still. Dresden figures that Glenmael has them under a veil when the cop took no notice. He got them to Saint Mary of the Angels church in under fifteen minutes.[1]

Glenmael shoots at Susan to demonstrate how her costume stops bullets.[1]


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