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George Wilson is a human male and a hexenwolf. He first appears in Fool Moon.


He was a hexenwolf—a form of lupine theriomorph—who transformed into a wolf by use of a belt.[1]

Agent Wilson is a bulky, overweight man in his late forties. He has a pot belly that overhangs his belt and receding brown hair. Wilson's suit is always rumpled.[2][1]

His wolf form is brown, gaunt, and huge: six feet long and as tall as Harry Dresden's stomach at the shoulders.[1]

In the series[]

Fool Moon[]

Agent Wilson is one of Phillip Denton's FBI hexenwolves who set out to take down Gentleman Marcone and set up the Streetwolves and Harley MacFinn for the fall.[2][1]

After Dresden fought with Agent Benn in wolf form, injuring him, Wilson attacked and killed his fellow agent, driven by the bloodlust caused by the wolf belt. In the confusion, Agent Harris mistook Wilson for one of the Alphas and shot him. Wilson transformed back to human form and returned fire; both died.[3]


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