Dresden Files

Freydis Gard is Sigrun Gard's sister. She first appears in Peace Talks.


Freydis Gard is a redheaded Valkyrie, as tall and attractive as her sister. She has the same, or at least very similar, powers as Sigrun: she can foretell when a warrior will die[1] and employs rune-based magic.[2] She is also a personal bodyguard rented out by Vadderung through Monoc Securities, as Lara Raith hired her for the same purpose that Marcone hired Sigrun.(reference needed)

In the series[]

Peace Talks[]

Freydis Gard
Are you seeing anyone?
[Murphy blinks]
Freydis Gard
Mortals make the best lovers by far, and this job means I’m basically sexually frustrated around the clock. But it’s hard to find mortals I respect.
Karrin Murphy
[Freydis glances from Murphy to Dresden and back]
Freydis Gard
I don’t mind sharing.
Karrin Murphy
I’m…I’m Catholic.
Freydis Gard
I don’t mind conflicted, either.
— Freydis meets Karrin Murphy[3]

In Peace Talks, Freydis Gard is introduced as Lara Raith's new arcane consultant and bodyguard, having enshrouded the Raith estate in wards to protect against magic.[4] When Gard meets Karrin Murphy, she becomes impressed by her tenacity and quickly gets smitten with her, considering Gard' sexual tension from being surrounded by incubi but not allowed to have sex with them.[3] Later, Gard attends the peace summit as Raith's bodyguard, pretending to slug Harry Dresden for sexual assault as a ruse to get everyone discreetly out of sight. She then uses rune-based magic to create an illusion of Lara Raith copulating with Dresden, more distraction to allow those two to rescue Thomas Raith.[2]

Freydis Gard
You two are just precious.
Karrin Murphy
Freydis, fuck off.
Freydis Gard
Fucking off, ma’am.
— Freydis watches Murphy comfort Dresden[5]

Freydis Gard then accompanies Lara Raith to Demonreach, reporting to Raith when she witnesses Harry Dresden consigning Thomas Raith to the Well beneath Demonreach.[6] Raith then attempts to kill Dresden, with Gard coming along to assist her client, but Dresden simply entombs Lara Raith in earth and launches Freydis Gard into Lake Michigan. Stymied, Freydis changes tactic and kidnaps Karrin Murphy; however, Murphy removes the clips of two fragmentation grenades, threatening to kill them both, so Gard flees with a hasty murmur of "Gods, that's hot." Changing tactic once again, Freydis attempts to sneak up on Dresden, but his intellectus immediately identifies her location and allows him to entomb her in earth as well. Lara Raith eventually arranges for the release of them both, but Freydis Gard is now thoroughly frightened by Dresden's unnatural powers.[1]

Battle Ground[]

Freydis Gard shows up with Lara Raith helping Harry Dresden get back to the Water Beetle, then Karrin Murphy gives her the last grenade to finish the Kraken off.[7] After that, Gard left with Lara to gather the White Court for the upcoming fight against Ethniu.[8]


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