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A Freeholding Lord is any entity who signs onto the Unseelie Accords as an individual rather than as an organization. It is first mentioned in White Night.


According to Harry Dresden, an individual may sign onto the Unseelie Accords to attain the same rights and obligations that organizations do. Three signatures from current members of the Accords willing to vouch are needed.[1]

There are only about twenty Freeholding Lords, including the Archive, the CEO of Monoc Securities, two dragons, the original Drakul,[Footnote 1] and a semi-immortal shapeshifter guru in Ukraine.[1]

In the series[]

White Night[]

In White Night, to get Gentleman Marcone to help extract him and Carlos Ramirez from their duel in the Deeps, Harry Dresden agrees to be a signatory for Marcone to become a Freeholding Lord under the Unseelie Accords. If a supernatural power tries to move in on him, he'll have an opportunity to fight and win. Marcone will have both the strong motivation to oppose any incursion and the means to do so. Which is to Dresden’s advantage when, not if, encroaching powers overwhelm him in numbers.

Marcone is the first non-magically talented human to sign as a Freeholding Lord; his co-signatories are Harry Dresden, Lara Raith and Donar Vadderung.[1]

Known Freeholding Lords[]