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A Fetch is a kind of creature allied with the Winter Court. They are first seen in Proven Guilty.


Fetches are phobophages and feed on fear and magic.[1] They are powerful shapeshifters who can take on any form.

Fetches are allied with the Winter Court and are Queen Mab's elite spies and assassins.[1]

They use mirrors as doorways to travel between the Nevernever and the mortal world.[1] and are masters of the "sucker punch", attacking when their target's focus is on something else.[2]

Since Fetches feed on fear, they cannot block attacks from fearless opponents.[3]

At the convention, they took on the forms of horror movie villains.[4] At Arctis Tor in Faerie, the fetches true forms were vaguely humanoid black shadows with ghostly white eyes and having translucent shapes over them such as: a wolflike biped and a man with a warthog head—the fetches didn't look like movie monsters.[2]

Known Fetches[]

In the series[]

Proven Guilty[]

In Proven Guilty, fetches attacked SplatterCon!!!, a horror convention, at successive interval. The Scarecrow, is especially prominent when it attacked the Carpenter home—with the Reaper and Hammerhands—and abducts Molly Carpenter[9] taking her to Arctis Tor, Queen Mab's fortress in Faerie.[1]

Harry Dresden and Molly's rescue team that included: Thomas Raith, Charity Carpenter, and Karrin Murphy must enter the Nevernever through Pell's Theater where they were ambushed by three fetches.[10] Once in Arctis Tor, they were ambushed again by group of various fetches in addition to the Reaper and Hammerhands. Thomas and Murphy held them off while Dresden and Charity entered the tower to save Molly from Scarecrow who is the most powerful one of all.[11]


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