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Ferrovax is a dragon. He is also known as Mr. Ferro. He first appears at Bianca St. Claire's ball in Grave Peril.


Suffice to say that you could not comprehend the kind of power I have at my command. That my true form here would shatter this pathetic gathering of monkey houses and crack the earth upon which I stand. If you gazed upon me with your wizard’s sight, you would see something that would awe you, humble you, and quite probably destroy your reason. I am the eldest of my kind, and the strongest. Your life is a flickering candle to me, and your civilizations rise and fall like grass in the summer.— Ferrovax to Dresden[1]

Ferrovax was present at Bianca St. Claire's masquerade party. Appearing as a man of indefinite years, his eyes are an odd, deep green. He was wearing the authentic armor of a Roman centurion and was exhaling smoke while holding an unlit cigarette. He does however, state that being a Dragon, he can appear how he wishes.[1]

Ferrovax is the eldest of his kind, the strongest of the Dragons. He displays immense magical power with only a wave of his hand, and claims he can do much by making an effort and speaking someone's name.[1]

He has a titanic amount of power at his disposal. He would be able to defeat Eldest Gruff, the Leanansidhe and even Mab.[2]

In the series[]

Grave Peril[]

In Grave Peril, Harry Dresden meets Ferrovax for the first time at Bianca St. Claire's ball. Michael Carpenter points out to Dresden that there although Ferro is blowing smoke, his cigarette is unlit. Michael then names him as a Dragon. When Ferrovax tells Michael and Dresden to call him Mr. Ferro, Michael suggests that he just call him Ferrovax. Ferro responds saying that Michael knows something of the Lore, at least for a mortal.[1]

When Dresden snaps a correction at the creature for getting his name wrong, Ferro coldly suggests Dresden not try to find out what he could do by speaking his name and making an effort. Dresden then insults him, calling him a bully, and claiming that he's not impressive. Ferrovax waves his hand and crushes Dresden to the floor.[1]

Michael informs Ferrovax that he slew the dragon Siriothrax, to which the dragon states:[1]

So you are the one. I thought you'd be taller.

Ferro suggests the Knight should be more humble and perhaps get a gag for Dresden, before turning on a heel and vanishing.[1]

Later at the Ball, during Bianca St. Claire's address, Ferro looks unconcerned standing at the side of the Leanansidhe.[3] During the welcoming ceremony, A hooded figure[4] hands him a gift of several million dollars worth of gold and gems[5] that he calls a "fine offering".[3]

After Dresden realizes that Bianca intends to unmake Amoracchius and he moves to stop her, the Leanansidhe places her hand on Ferro's arm, keeping well out of the way of trouble.[3]

Skin Game[]

In Skin Game, a room labelled FERROVAX-00010002 is filled with many rows of closed, fireproof safes. The strongroom sits within a vault inside the Capristi Building, John Marcone's mob bank, indicating he has vested some of his fortune, or possibly items, with the crime lord.[6]

Peace Talks[]

In Peace Talks, Ferrovax attends the gathering of supernatural nations in Chicago, where he spends most of his time sitting across from Donar Vaderrung, staring at him silently.[7] He notices Dresden sneaking out of the event, but Vaderrung dissuades him from drawing attention to it.[8] When the Fomor invade the summit, Ferrovax is one of the few beings that Ethniu acknowledges, and she seemingly forces the Dragon to introduce her to the assembled audience.[9] After Ethniu's departure, Ferrovax appears to side with Marcone, Mab and the others present against the upcoming Fomor attack on the humans of Chicago. He agrees to "close the underworld" to the Fomor forces, making it so they cannot move through or beneath the earth, but warns that any contribution he makes must be subtle, or would risk causing more harm than it prevents.[10]


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