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Felicia is a White Court vampire. She first appears in Ghost Story.


Felicia represented the White Court at a meeting of the Chicago Alliance. The call name, or radio handle, the Alliance lookout, "Eyes" used for her was: Pasty Face, and the car she drove is called the "Ricemoble". Felicia has a strong British accent.[1]

Felicia is about five-two with dark curly hair down to her waist. She was wearing a white blouse and long, full white skirt and red ballet shoes. At first look, she is cute.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Ghost StoryEdit

In Ghost Story, Felicia comes to a meeting of the Chicago Alliance, crossing Karrin Murphy's home's threshold without an invitation. Strutting around the room in a predatory fashion and gathering everyone's attention, she purposefully shows her cleavage to Daniel Carpenter.[1]

She offers to find out what might be going on concerning missing members of the Paranet in Oregon. Daniel Carpenter let slip in front of her that Karrin Murphy has two Swords of the Cross in her possession, endangering them. Murphy clears everyone out to talk privately with her. Felicia tries to coerce Murphy into letting her feed from her in exchange for keeping quiet about the Swords, but receives a vicious beating and is let out with a warning by the other woman.[1]


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