Father Roarke Douglas, which Harry Dresden nicknamed Buzz, is a human male. He first appears in The Warrior.


He is quite young man, being 43 years old, 5'11", with grey eyes, military short hair, and military training and conditioning.[1]


Before being recruited by the Ordo Malleus, Father Douglas used to be an Army chaplain, and a parish priest in Rwanda, Guatemala, and Indonesia, very calm and able when it came to the defense of his parishioners. After a while, however, he started advocating prehemptive actions against the entities the Ordo was fighting against, and got frustrated when at least two Swords of the Cross got out of commission, reaching the point he decided to take direct action.[1]

In the seriesEdit

The WarriorEdit

In The Warrior, he wages a psychological war on Michael Carpenter and Harry Dresden in order to have the Swords of the Cross wielded in battle again.[1] When this does not work, he abducts Alicia Carpenter to be exchanged for the Swords of the Cross.