The land of Faerie is a part of the Nevernever, inhabited by the faeries.


The Faerie is located in the Nevernever, the realm of the spirit, and is the part that is closest to the mortal world. It therefore has close ties to and resembles the real world a lot in that it is permanent and unchanging and has several versions of weather. However, the rules of reality do not apply so strongly or in the same way there. It can be very treacherous—most who go, never come back.[1]

Faerie is inhabited by faeries, and ruled by the Faerie Courts. The land is divided into two territories, respectively controlled by the Summer Court and Winter Court. Each territory is permanently in its corresponding season. The majority of Faerie, however, is Wyld, or a no-man's-land. It is divided from the Outside by the Outer Gates.[2]

It is in constant perfect balance between light and darkness.[3]

Arctis TorEdit

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Arctis MinoraEdit

Arctis Minora is mentioned in Cold Days without any details.[4]

In the seriesEdit

Cold DaysEdit

In Cold Days, Queen Mab constructed a portal for Harry Dresden in the linen closet of his room to cross directly from Arctis Tor into Chicago. Mab put Faerie, both Winter Court and Summer Court, on lockdown. This portal is the only way in or out in all of Faerie.[5]

Mother Summer takes Dresden to the Outer Gates where a battle rages between Mab's forces and the Outsiders trying to enter the mortal world.[2]


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