The Eye of Thoth[Footnote 1] is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. It first appears in Death Masks.

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The Eye of Thoth

According to Bob, the Eye of Thoth is quite a popular occult symbol, used by a number of people ranging from occult groups members, TV personalities and comic books heroes.[1]

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Death Masks[edit | edit source]

In Death Masks, Butters and Harry Dresden discover a tattoo on the arm of an unidentified corpse in the morgue, about a square inch wide, drawn in faded green ink, which Bob later identifies as an Eye of Thoth.[1]

Later, Father Forthill shows he has one tattooed on his own arm, which he got along with a number of other priests ordained at the same time, Father Vincent included, who pledged to deal with some of the more gruesome supernatural creatures and their activities at the time.[2]

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