Dresden Files

The Eye of Balor is a Celtic supernatural weapon of mass destruction. It first appears in Peace Talks.


Harry Dresden
He had this eye that could be used to wither the world, to destroy everything it saw, to set it on fire. He kept it covered behind a bunch of eye patches and veils, and he could remove a few of them at a time to get different kinds of destructive effects, from making things rot to setting them on fire to blasting them to dust.
Karrin Murphy
Kind of like gradually reducing the shielding around a radioactive core.
— Dresden and Murphy on the Eye[1]

Balor, roughly equivalent to a Greek Titan, could use the eye to produce a variety of destructive effects on the world around him, whenever the eye itself was exposed.[1] It was passed on to his daughter, Ethniu, the Last Titan. In Ethniu, the Eye bulged slightly beneath her horribly scarred eyelid.[2]

In the series[]

Peace Talks[]

With a single blink to expose the eye, Ethniu was able to blast through the wards in the Brighter Future Society castle and knock out Chicago's entire power grid.[2]

Battle Ground[]

In Battle Ground,

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