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Executive Priority Health is a gym owned by John Marcone. It first appears in White Night.


Formerly the Velvet Room, it was bought and retooled by John Marcone. It is located in the Madison Hotel, the same hotel where Victor Sells murdered Tommy Tomm and Jennifer Stanton.[1]

The structure is spread over two floors. The first floor contains several legitimate businesses. The second floor is a brothel disguised as a Health Club for men, in which all the trainers are beautiful women. Ms. Demeter is the manager of the Health Club. Harry Dresden is one of several platinum members, otherwise generally wealthy executives.[1]

Known members include manager Ms. Demeter[2] and trainers Billie[3] and Bonnie.[1]

In the series[]

White Night[]

In White Night, Harry Dresden and Karrin Murphy go to Marcone's Club to investigate the murder of Jessica Blanche, and Dresden talks with Ms. Demeter, who is really Helen Beckitt. Ms. Demeter is currently part of the Ordo Lebes, a group of small-time practitioners. In an attempt to determine who is behind the threat targeting practitioners, Dresden Soulgazes her, learning that she is driven by the murder of her daughter.[2]

Small Favor[]

In Small Favor, Harry Dresden and Thomas Raith visit Ms. Demeter at the Health Club to ask some questions related to finding Marcone who has been abducted.[4]


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