Dresden Files

Even Hand is a short story in The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. It is set between Turn Coat and Changes,[1] and is narrated by John Marcone. It can be found in the book Dark and Stormy Knights, and has been included in the anthology Brief Cases.


After having taken care of the agents of Mr. Morelli, Gentleman Marcone gets back to his office and Ms. Gard informs him that an urgent problem has come up. Justine asks for protection against the Fomor; a child is with her. Marcone is inclined to refuse, while Cantrev Lord Mag crashes his office, chasing after Justine and the child. Marcone, however, has strong rules about children, and extends his protection to the two of them; not wishing to kill him outright, he has Mag thrown out.

Mag, however, does not wish to give up on Justine and the child, which he deems his possessions. Under cover of darkness, he attacks Marcone's office, severely testing its defenses, and causing widespread destruction. In the end, though, Marcone kills him. Marcone lets Justine and the child free, but takes some documents Justine has stolen from the Fomors on Lara Raith's order. He recommends that the child be brought to Saint Mary of the Angels for sanctuary, and that Justine deliver to Lara the recommendation not to expect him to protect Lara's agent when she provokes Lara's enemies.


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