Dresden Files

Etri is a Svartalf and an ally to Molly Carpenter. He first appears in Cold Days.


Etri might oppose you. He might break your bones. He might cut your throat in your sleep or make the ground swallow you up. But he will never, ever lie about his intentions. He’s not a friend, Harry. But he is my ally. He’s good at it.Molly Carpenter[1]

Etri is the leader of the Svartalves in Chicago and handles their affairs at this crossroad. Molly Carpenter helped him once with a bomb and the betrayal of the Fomor, which is the event that made them allies.[2]

In the series[]


In Bombshells, he welcomes Molly Carpenter, Justine and Andi Macklin at the reception given for the signature of the non-aggression treaty with the Fomors. Molly Carpenter discovers that the Fomors are going to detonate a magical bomb in their fortress, killing many people [2]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, after Mike Atagi delivered Harry Dresden's current vehicle, the Munstermobile, to Molly Carpenter's apartment, Etri personally requested a security sweep on it: screening for weapons, explosives, toxins and any kind of enchantment. Etri's security ran it under waterfall to wash away any tracking spells. It's the same procedure he uses on his own cars.[1]

Peace Talks[]

In Peace Talks, Etri intervenes in a discussion between Harry Dresden and Ebenezar McCoy and has the latter removed from the Svartalf embassy on his lack of courtesy and decorum.[3]


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