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The Etranger is a ship anchored at Burnham Harbor. It only appears in Death Masks.


The Etranger is the pleasure ship that the Churchmice rents and are hiding on in Burnham Harbor with the Shroud of Turin.[1] It is a small pleasure ship, pretty, white, and roomy with a comfortable cabin, clean and well-cared for. It bears a Canadian flag.[2]

In the series[]

Death Masks[]

In Death Masks, Harry Dresden gets a tip from Ulsharavas that the Churchmice have the Shroud of Turin on a small vessel called Etranger. Dresden goes to Burnham Harbor where the ship is docked to investigate. He watches and Listens for a while.[1]

Dresden boards the vessel and almost gets the Shroud of Turin until Anna Valmont gets the drop on him with a gun. Dresden tries to talk Valmont and Francisca Garcia into giving themselves up, intending to hand them to the Knights of the Cross for their protection, he doesn't say so, since they don't know about the supernatural world and lets them think "police".[2]

That is when Deirdre Archleone, a Denarian attacks. Dresden bluffs her that the Shroud was in the frig, he picks up his Blasting rod, then Deirdre escapes. Dresden tries to leave with Valmont after the Denarian puts a hole in the ship's hull, but Valmont hits him over the head and leaves with the Shroud. Dresden takes the name of the Marriott Downtown Chicago Hotel off of a paper pad and leaves. The ship sinksk soon after.[3]


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