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Ethniu[Footnote 4] is a Greek Titaness and the daughter of Balor,[Footnote 2] the Celtic mythological leader of the Fomor. She first appears in Peace Talks, but is mentioned as early as "Bombshells" and has influenced world events since the fall of the Red Court in Changes.

Description[edit | edit source]

Her voice was sex and chocolate and hot soup and a bath on a cold, rainy night. It was a voice that promised things, that you could find yourself listening to with absolute intensity.Harry Dresden

Ethniu is a massive Goddess, towering above humans, immortally beautiful, and wearing a formfitting metal skin of "Titanic bronze". She has long, thick silver hair, has an emerald green eye, and in the other eye is recessed the Eye of Balor.

In the series[edit | edit source]

Bombshells[edit | edit source]

In Bombshells, known here only as "The Empress", Ethniu directed one of her retainers to arrange a compact with Svartalfheim in order to spread the influence of the Fomor.[1]

Peace Talks[edit | edit source]

In Peace Talks, Ethniu attends the Accorded peace summit with her retinue of Fomor servitors and her second, King Corb of the Fomor, who she holds at the end of a leash. Her minions kill all of the mortals in the summit just to make a point, and she marks her own entry by blasting through Mab's incredibly powerful defenses to kick her clear through her throne and through several walls behind it, leaving her broken temporarily. She uses the opportunity to deliver a speech, lamenting the march of humanity's progress (holding particular contempt for Baron Marcone) and how the supernatural world has grown soft. To remedy this, she intends to completely wipe out the city of Chicago in order to rile up the mortals and cause chaos, forcing the supernatural world to defend itself from their wrath, to grow strong again or die.

I offer you something I was never given: a choice.— Ethniu

She offers everyone a choice, to stand aside or die by her wrath. Although Ethniu shows deference to Vadderung, she insists that everyone abandon the mortal world, and then unleashes the power of the Eye of Balor on Chicago — destroying the power grid even as she and her retinue vanishes.[2]

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