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Eternal Silence is a resident spirit of Graceland. He first appears in Ghost Story.


There’s a little irony in Eternal Silence being stuck on a looping sound bite.Harry Dresden on Eternal Silence’s limited speech.[1]

Eternal Silence is the statue on Dexter Graves' monument. He has a voice deeper than James Earl Jones.[Footnote 1][2] Eternal Silence can come out in daylight which indicates he isn't a ghost.[3]

He is tall and menacing floating three feet in the air. He wears a rich, billowing cloak, hood up with a black shadow inside it.[2]

In the series[]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, Eternal Silence tells Harry Dresden that he "must understand his path. That before you. That behind." and "It is more than necessary. It is essential to survival". When Dresden asks "whose survival?", Eternal Silence replies "EVERYONE" very loudly. It then thought-screams more messages inside Dresden's head until he interrupts it, leaving it to repeat "Understand your path.".[2]

Later, Eternal Silence attempts to prevent the Leanansidhe from answering Dresden's question about who killed him. Its thought-voice is powerful enough to rock the Leanansidhe backward. She states that she has no intention of depriving it (or a second entity) by answering the question directly. As it is standing above Dresden's grave in broad daylight, it is not a ghost. When the Leanansidhe provides Dresden with three true answers about his killer's identity, Eternal Silence admonishes her for saying too much. After it leaves, she implies to Dresden that it is a proxy of another being.[2] Demonreach speaks with a voice which reminds Dresden of the graveyard encounter.[4]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Harry Dresden tells Bob that the spirit entity of Demonreach spoke to him at Graceland the year before. Bob states that it was able to do so because it bullied Mab into helping. The entity responds saying that it did not bully, it bargained.[5]



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