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An entropy curse, sometimes called Malocchio, or Evil Eye, is a dark spell, often used in a ritual, which alters the probability of death. It first appears in Death Masks.


Whoever sends the Evil Eye must have some means of directing the magic at a target: hair, nail clipping, blood are the most common. Sometimes, a little doll dressed like the victim or a good photo can be used. The other part is the sender has to gather up the energy to make it happen. A curse that strong would need a lot of work gathering raw magic in one place and then it would have to be molded, shaped into its desired result. That kind of discipline is rare.[1]

Harry Dresden uses the metaphor of a cosmic vending machine: an outside power offers to give you something if you fulfill a certain sequence of events.[2][3] Another one he uses is: you have to load the gun, aim it and pull the trigger.[4]

In the series[]

Death Masks[]

In Death Masks, Harry Dresden and Susan Rodriguez nearly escape an entropy curse. (chapter?)

Margaret LeFay died giving birth to Dresden due to being under the effects of an entropy curse sent by Lord Raith.[5]

Blood Rites[]

In Blood Rites, Lord Raith and three assistants—Arturo Genosa ex-wives: Madge Shelly, Lucille Delarossa, and Trixie Vixen—were behind the entropy curse that was targeting the women around Arturo one by one in an attempt to kill off the future Mrs. Genosa. Lord Raith's intentions are to put Genosa back under his thumb.[2]

Lord Raith plans one more ritual which will involves sacrificing his son, Thomas Raith to kill Harry Dresden. By killing both of Margaret LeFay's sons with the curse, he hopes to end her death curse on him that is weakening him.[6]


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