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Emma is a porn actress. She first appears in Blood Rites.


Emma worked as a porn actress for Arturo Genosa. Harry Dresden described her as very pretty, the kind of beauty that conveys personal warmth, kindness, a face suited for smiling. She has shamrock green eyes, pale skin, long red hair highlighted with sunny gold. She wore jeans and a black sweater.[1]

Her mother's name is "Grace". She suffers from allergies, and she is the mother of two children,[1] whose father Jake Guffie retains custody of.[2]

Emma was killed by an entropy curse as part of a plot by Arturo's three ex-wives to eliminate the next Mrs. Genosa by killing all the good-looking women around him one at a time.[3]

In the series[]

Blood Rites[]

In Blood Rites, Jake had given Harry Dresden his keys to give to Emma. Dresden used the keys as an excuse speak with her to get any information he could. She told him that they all have contracts with Silverlight Studios, and, if the film doesn't do well, they'll be out of work. She said that Arturo wants to do three films, the one they're filming is the second one. If the films crash, Silverlight won't renew their contracts. If the film succeeds, Arturo will make a name for himself and the actors can name their own contracts.[1]

Trixie Vixen spilled the plot while holding Dresden at gunpoint with only a few minutes until the curse lands and it's too late for Dresden to save Emma. Dresden sensed the curse nearly there, much deadlier and more potent than the others. Dresden makes his move to escape, Trixie fired at him, missed, the bullets hitting Emma through the door. It was the Malocchio at work. Two stray bullets through a closed door could not have been more precise than an assassin could have done it with a clear shot.[4] Madge Shelly powered the curse by sacrificing Lucille Delarossa.[5]

Emma had allergies, she was going to the greenroom to take her medication with bottled water when she was shot through the door.[2]


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