White Court

Elisa Raith is a White Court vampire, sister to Lara Raith and Natalia Raith[1] and lives on the Raith estate. She first appears in Turn Coat.

Description[edit | edit source]

Elisa is described by Harry Dresden as wearing nothing but weapons and silver body piercings on one eyebrow, one nostril, her lower lip and her nipples. She had dark, close-cropped hair except for the dark bangs that fell to cover one of her eyes. She carried a pair of wavy swords like Lara's. [2]

In the series[edit | edit source]

Turn Coat[edit | edit source]

In Turn Coat, when Shagnasty the Naagloshii, abducted Thomas Raith, and invaded the Raith estate, Justine reported that Elisa, Natalia and Madeline Raith are in the house.[1]

The three sisters started to prowl simultaneously without receiving any signal. Shagnasty shape-shifted into a fallen security guard to get past them at Dresden. Dresden warns Lara, and she engages Shagnasty in a fight. A few beats later, He threw Elisa against the wall where she lay limp.[2]

After the medic in charge gave his report on the status of three human guards: Hennesy, Calo, Wilson, injured by Shagnasty, Lara orders Hennesy brought to Natalia's chamber and Calo brought to Elisa. Both men had their backs broken permanently. Lara came later for Wilson, who lost both eyes.[3]

Later on, Elisa and Natalia join Lara and Dresden on the island of Demonreach to fight the Madeline and Shagnasty.[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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