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Ebenezar McCoy is a human wizard, and member of the White Council. He first appears in Summer Knight.


Ebenezar McCoy is Harry Dresden's grandfather, and the White Council's Blackstaff.[1]

In the seriesEdit

He has raised a hurt young Dresden, teaching him how and why doing magic, and providing damage control on his psyche.[2] He then keeps an eye on his grandchild and his great-grandchild, helping them as he can.[1]

McCoy's quarters at EdinburghEdit

McCoy's receiving room was lined with overflowing bookshelves, hundreds of which were handmade and handwritten, including museum-worthy illuminated grimiores, but also writings by Stephen King,[Footnote 1] Robert Anson Heinlein,[Footnote 2] Tom Clancy,[Footnote 3] Stephen Hawking,[Footnote 4] Friedrich Nietzsche,[Footnote 5] Julius Caesar,[Footnote 6], D. H. Lawrence,[Footnote 7] and great religious texts of the world. The books were not in any order and some were upright, some were laying on their sides.  

One neat row held leather bound journals, all the same general design, though with slightly differing materials. These were the journals of his mentor and those preceding him all the way back to the Original Merlin.[3]

Word of JimEdit

McCoy is over 300 years old. He and the Merlin have known each other for a very long time and they fought on opposite sides in the French and Indian wars.[4]


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