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Dragons are beings who can appear human or anything they wish to be. The dragon Ferrovax appeared in Grave Peril, and the slain dragon Siriothrax was discussed in Proven Guilty. Except for their immense power, very little is known about them.


According to Harry Dresden, dragons are supposed to be big with scales, claws, wings and so forth, but Ferrovax states they can appear as anything they wish to be.[1]

In the series[]

Grave Peril[]

In Grave Peril, Ferrovax attended Bianca St. Claire's masquerade party as a Roman legionary.[1]

Michael Carpenter reports that he slew the dragon[2] Siriothrax when he rescued his future wife Charity.[1]

Proven Guilty[]

In Proven Guilty, after Molly Carpenter was abducted by a Fetch, sitting in the upper pews of the balcony at Saint Mary of the Angels, Charity Carpenter told Harry Dresden the story of how Michael rescued her from Siriothrax. She had been traded to Siriothrax by Gregor in exchange for power.[3]

Peace Talks[]

In Peace Talks, Ferrovax attends the Accorded peace summit, committing himself to the defense of Chicago in the face of Ethniu's threat. Harry Dresden notes that the last time a dragon had been killed in the mortal world, it caused the Tunguska explosion.[4][Footnote 1] Ebenezar McCoy, in his role as the Blackstaff was involved in the incident that led to the Tunguska event.[5]

Word of Jim[]

According to Jim Butcher there are two types of dragons,[6] distinguished by their capitalization:

  • "Dragons" are elemental forces of the cosmos in the more Asian sense of the concept, semi-divine beings who were once given authority over various portions of the mortal universe, and who were responsible for their orderly procession.
  • "dragons" are like the general concept of dragons, but they are essentially nothing but emissaries and servitors created in the image of the real thing. There are not nearly as many as there were in the past.

Both kinds of dragons almost universally resent humanity for usurping the balance of power in the world.

There are only two dragons left as of the present day, the third having been killed by Michael Carpenter.[7] One is Ferrovax, the other is named Pyrovax.[8]

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