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Down Town is a six-issue graphic novel mini-series published in 2013, written by author Jim Butcher and Mark Powers. Pencilled by Joseph Cooper, with covers by Ardian Syaf. It is set between White Night and “It's My Birthday, Too".[1]


A golem successfully attacks and kills a pawnshop and a laundromat owner, stumping both Karrin Murphy, who has sworn to serve and protect, and John Marcone, who extracts payment for protection against supernatural threats. Murphy calls in Harry Dresden to investigate the killings, while Marcone decides to deal with the aftermath himself, a lot less averse to work along with the wizard than Dresden is.

Marcone and Dresden independently organize an expedition to Undertown and meet midway; while Dresden tries to avoid Marcone's help, the latter manages to shed his own company to join Dresden for the remainder of the mission.

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