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Dough Joe's Gym, or Dough Joe's Hurricane Gym, is the gym where Karrin Murphy regularly works out in Aikido. First mentioned in Blood Rites


Dough Joe's Hurricane Gym is on the first floor of an old office building not far from the Headquarters of the Chicago Police Department. It had once been a country-and-western bar. It had a couple of restrooms large enough to be used as locker rooms.

There was a real boxing ring, a large safety rug, well-used training equipment, weights and dumbbells. There were also boxing targets: heavy bags, speed bags, and flicker bags. On the other side of the room there was a large are covered with a thick impact mat where people practiced martial arts.[1]

In the series[]

Blood Rites[]

In Blood Rites, Harry Dresden witnessed Karrin Murphy taking down O'Toole, a large and brawny rookie, during practice with several members of the SI team. O'Toole and John Stallings were double-teaming against her.[1]


In Changes, Murphy tells Dresden about how Agent Barry Tilly sometimes teaches classes at the gym.[2]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, Dough Joe's is mentioned when Harry Dresden fights the Grey Ghost using moves he learned in practice with Karrin Murphy.[3]


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