Die Lied der Erlking (meaning The Song of the Erlking) is a book compiled by Wizard Peabody. It deals with lore about the Erlking.

Description[edit | edit source]

Wizard Samuel Peabody compiled the book "early last century" from the collected notes of a dozen wizards, most of whom had already died. The content of the book was considered to be mostly pure speculation.[1] It contains collected poems and essays.[2] Only about 1000 copies were printed.[3]

In the series[edit | edit source]

Dead Beat[edit | edit source]

In Dead Beat, it was claimed that all but two copies had been destroyed. The remaining copies belonged to Harry Dresden and Grevane.[1] Dresden's copy was taken by Capiorcorpus[4] forcing him to gain what he needed from the book from the memory of Lash (who was in disguise).[5] Grevane's copy is presumed destroyed by the failed Darkhallow.

Turn Coat[edit | edit source]

In Turn Coat, Wizard Peabody states that he has read the book in Dresden's possession, and that its German is untidy.[2]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Although the book is not written in German, the title is supposed German for "The Song of the Erlking", but in this case is grammatically nonsensical (the correct German title would be "Das Lied des Erlkönigs"), mixing the English term Erlking in with the German words. This is acknowledged in Turn Coat, when Harry Dresden teases Peabody about it, having supposedly been told so by a Warden from Bremen.[2]

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