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Demons are creatures other than faeries, hostile to humankind. Most of them appear to originate from or reside in the Nevernever or the Outside.[1] They first appear in Storm Front.


Most of the beings the spirit world don't care much about mortal business. Those who do, generally out of hunger or a need of terrifying them, are what wizards commonly refer to as demons, as a general term.[1]

Harry Dresden states that they know when you've been bad or good, and they make Santa Claus look like an amateur.[2] Demons don't have a soul, don't worry about good and evil or right and wrong, and if they're inclined to eat someone, they will.[3] There are, however, rules of protocol that demons are obliged to follow, such as offering resistance to any mortal who called them and trying to end the life of the wizard that called them. Demons do keep track of sins, particularly murder, and some or all of them serve a being called the Dark Prince, likely Lucifer.[2] Beings called demon lords have also been mentioned, described as on par with Elder Things, and capable of breaking through magic circles through sheer power.[1]

In the series[]

Storm Front[]

Chapter-1 vb78s1

Harry defeating the Toad Demon.

In Storm Front, a Toad Demon invades Harry Dresden's apartment in the middle of a storm. It follows Harry Dresden and Susan Rodriguez down to the Dresden's lab where Dresden encloses he and Susan inside of his bronze summoning circle. Dresden and Susan transport outside with the aid of a potion—the demon follows. The Shadowman shows up claiming the demon is his. Dresden defeats the demon using the power of the storm.[4]

Fool Moon[]

In Fool Moon, Harry Dresden calls up Chaunzaggoroth to get information on Harley MacFinn.[2]

Grave Peril[]

In Grave Peril, using a ritual spell in his lab's copper Circle, Harry Dresden attempts to summon the Nightmare using the Name Azorthragal, Harry Dresden ends up summoning the Nightmare, which is the ghost of Leonid Kravos. Dresden binds the Nightmare to him so he can't hurt anyone else forcing it to come after Dresden only.[3]

Blood Rites[]


Harry fighting the flying monkeys.

In Blood Rites, Harry Dresden fights monkey-like guardian demons that looked like "demented purple chimpanzees" and threw fiery goop to rescue a box full of Temple Dog pups for Brother Wang. Dresden dubs one of the demons Kongtron because it was about eight feet tall and was formed when the smaller demons came together in a fashion similar to the children's cartoon giant robot Voltron. Dresden explained to Thomas Raith that is was a Shen—a Chinese spirit creature.[5] Ebenezar McCoy makes reference to the scion of demons when talking about Jared Kincaid.[6]

Dead Beat[]

In Dead Beat, Captain Anastasia Luccio informs Harry Dresden that the Red Court vampires pursed the White Council into Faerie and called up both demons and Outsiders from the Netherworld. Morgan claims that nothing short of a demon lord could have breached the Merlin's wards around the White Council's hospital in the Congo.[1]


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