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Deirdre Archleone[1] was a member of the Order of the Blackened Denarius and the host of an unknown Fallen Angel. She first appeared in Death Masks.


She was the daughter of Nicodemus Archleone[2] and Polonius Lartessa.

Deirdre had a lean face, long dark hair, and dark eyes that "showed a full measure of both Nicodemus’s soulless calculation and Tessa’s heartless selfishness."[3]

Deirdre's demonic form was described has having legs that were oddly hinged and reverse-jointed, with panther's claws. She had skin of metallic green scales (although she is described as having bright red skin in Small Favor, and later violet, not to be confused with Rosanna, who is red), and her arms ended in four-fingered, metallic-clawed hands. She had two sets of eyes, one luminescent green, one glowing cherry red, and a luminous sigil burned at the centre of her forehead. Her hair was between ten and fifteen feet long and seemingly looked like it had been cut in one-inch strips from half a mile of sheet metal; it had the ability of supporting her weight like a dozen additional limbs, and could be thrown at people.[4]

She was nicknamed Madame Medusa and Joan Jet Hair, spoke with an "odd, vaguely British accent", and was devoted enough to her father to allow him to sacrifice her life for his causes.[5]

In the series[]

Death Masks[]

In Death Masks, Deirdre arrives at Burnham Harbor to board the Etranger to steal the Shroud of Turin from the Churchmice. Harry Dresden is aboard, and a fight ensues. Deirdre kills Francisca Garcia, breaches the ship's hull, and steals a strongbox she thinks contains the Shroud, though Dresden deceived her.[4]

Dresden is more formally introduced to Deirdre by Nicodemus Archleone after being captured. Deirdre shares a kiss and breakfast with her father while Nicodemus tempts Dresden with choosing to take a coin and join them for breakfast, or to to be killed after the meal. Dresden refuses the coin.[6] Before Nicodemus can kill Dresden, Shiro Yoshimo arrives to attempt a rescue. He subdues Deirdre and holds her at knifepoint, eventually bargaining to exchange himself for Dresden's freedom.[7] Upon his release, Nicodemus orders Deirdre to kill Dresden and retrieve Fidelacchius, but Dresden manages to escape.[8]

After fighting and giving up his coin, Quintus Cassius tells Dresden, Michael Carpenter, and Sanya about torturing Shiro. He mentions Deirdre like to break fingersa and toes.[9]

Deirdre is with her father for the battle on the train against Dresden, Michael, Sanya, and John Marcone. Though wounded in the battle, she survives and caught Nicodemus after Dresden attempted to throw him off the train.[10]

Small Favor[]

In Small Favor, Deirdre is mentioned as one of the oldest member of the order.[11]

Skin Game[]

In Skin Game, Deirdre is sacrificed by her father to unlock the Gate of Blood. Her soul was bound to the Underworld, and while Harry Dresden initially expressed irritation that she would therefore escape eternal punishment for her numerous crimes, Hades angrily reminded Dresden that an eternity in his domain was hardly an improvement.[12]


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