Cornerhounds are a pack of thirteen hounds from Outside. They first appear in Peace Talks.

Description[edit | edit source]

The thing that slithered into our world was the size of a horse, but lower, longer, and leaner. It was canine in shape, generally—a quadruped, the legs more or less right, and everything else subtly wrong. A row of short, powerful-looking tentacles ran along its flanks. A longer, thicker tentacle lashed like a whip where its tail should have been. The feet were spread out, wide, for grasping, kind of like an eagle’s talons, and where its head should have been was nothing but a thick nest of more of the tendrils. It had something like scales made of mucus, rather than fur, and flesh squelched on flesh.Harry Dresden on cornerhounds[1]

Tentacular and fleshy, only the cornerhound's hindquarters remotely resemble an actual earthly hound, but even these are unnatural, with taloned paws able to sink into concrete and sideways along walls. In motion, they scuttle more than they walk, moving forward in jerky, insectile bursts of motion. The beast itself is massive, half a ton at least, and its body is absolutely covered in fleshy mouths and thrashing tentacles, with a longer tentacle around its hindquarters that resembles a tail.

These tentacles are what help it to divert, block, and practically shed magic, such as when Wizard McCoy brought gravitational force down upon one; it simply deflected the force into a circle around itself that gouged a furrow in the concrete. More, the tentacles have the capacity to produce powerful infrasonic vibrations that can cause internal organ damage. However, the hound is susceptible to concentrated fire, which can burn away its tentacles and leave it vulnerable to applied magical force wherever the tentacles are absent. Lastly, they always travel in a pack of thirteen; each hound is part of the same individual creature, or hive mind, and so they can only be banished if they are all banished together.[1][2]

In the series[edit | edit source]

Peace Talks[edit | edit source]

In Peace Talks, Ebenezar McCoy and Harry Dresden flee from a pack of Cornerhounds, desperately holding them off until Dresden, who is Starborn, can banish them.[1][2]

References[edit | edit source]

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