Black Court

Constance Bushnell, alias Drulinda, is a Black Court vampire. She first appears in "It's My Birthday, Too".


Drulinda is the character name Constance used in a “Live action vampire role play" game before she ran away from home, because some of the other player’s made fun of her. After running away, a Black Court vampire turned her, and she came back for vengeance.[1]

In the seriesEdit

It's My Birthday, TooEdit

Constance Bushnell wore dark jeans, a red knit sweater, and a long black leather coat. She was sunken, shriveled, and as bony and dried up as the year-old corpse she was. Unlike older Black court vampires, she still had most of her hair, and smelled like a rotting coprse with still a few juicy corners. Her voice vas raspy and her lips were leathery, hiding her yellow teeth, which were stained with drying, brownish blood.

During the events at the Woodfield Mall, she turned three of the nightshift guard into vampires to attack Harry Dresden, Thomas Raith and Molly Carpenter.[1]


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