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The Coiffure Cup is a small boutique, beauty salon and coffee shop which appeared in White Night.


Hello, France? I found a dead mouse in my can of French roast coffee, and I’ve called to complain. I’m an American, and I refuse to stand for that kind of thing from you people.Harry Dresden making fun the fake accent Thomas Raith uses in his boutique.[1]

A hairdressing and beauty salon, it is also a coffee shop located in the Park Tower in Chicago.[2]

In the series[]

"It's My Birthday, Too"[]

In "It's My Birthday, Too", Sarah mentions to Harry Dresden that the shop's employees continually speculate about him.[3]

White Night[]

In White Night, Harry Dresden follows his brother Thomas Raith—who had been keeping secrets—determined to find out what he is really doing. His search leads him to the Coiffure Cup, where he finds out that Thomas owns it, and uses his work there to feed in small doses from his clients. Thomas dons the persona of a French gay man and his female clients all adore him—he is making good money from the venture.[2]

"Down Town"[]

In "Down Town", Harry Dresden pays a visit to Thomas Raith there, for information on the case he's working on.[4]


In Backup, Thomas Raith has an appointment with Michelle Marion when he receives a phone call from Lara about his next assignment in the Oblivion War.[5]


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