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Clark Pell is a human male, the owner of the old theater near the SplatterCon!!! convention showing the classic film "Minor non-humans#Hammerhands|Hammerhands" for the Convention. He first appears in Proven Guilty.


Clark Pell was the first victim the Phobophages attacked at SplatterCon!!!. Pell was attacked in the men's restroom.[1]


Harry Dresden described Pell as a "sour-looking old cuss mad out of shoe learther and gristle." With the Sight, he Saw that he's made of iron, he's been through this kind of trauma before, that he's a survivor.[2]

In the series[]

Proven Guilty[]

In Proven Guilty, Harry Dresden examins the restroom where Pell was attacked with his Sight. Officer Henry Rawlins was standing guard. Nelson Lenhardt had been accused of attacking Pell and Dresden was helping his case as a favor for Molly Carpenter.[1]

Murphy told Dresden that what film played at his theater.[3]

Clark is reticent about telling what he saw, that he wouldn't be believed. Dresden listens to him how Hammerhands, the monster from the move was real and attacked him, and Dresden believes him. Dresden had just fought the Reaper, another movie monster.[2]


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