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Christmas Eve is a short story in The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. It is set after Battle Ground. It was originally posted on jim-butcher.com as "a gift for [Jim Butcher's] fans" on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2018; the number of hits caused the host website to crash.[1] It was reposted as a Google Document on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2018. It may be viewed here.


At the Carpenter's, Harry Dresden and Mouse are staying up assembling a present for Maggie. Throughout the night Dresden is visited by several people, including three prominent figures from the Winter Court: Mab, Molly Carpenter and Kringle in his Santa Claus persona. Each of them provides a gift to Dresden, either for Dresden himself or for Maggie by proxy.

As Dresden receives the gifts and assembles his present for Maggie, he reminisces about past events. During Molly's visit, his thoughts turn to "Pain. So much pain", "blood on asphalt", and how "six months was not a long time in which to say so many goodbyes". The second gift shows him "the costs of medical care for tens of thousands, and funerals for thousands more", and Dresden did not want to even think about "the peace talks".

Afterwards, Kringle gives Dresden a much less macabre, if no less thoughtful, gift, one that brings to mind thoughts of Dresden's childhood. Dresden remembers the last Christmas he spent with his father, so vividly that "the memories of those Christmas mornings, of the laughter and hugs and the play, ran through [Dresden's] mind in IMAX".

Just as Kringle's visit comes to a close, Maggie wakes up to see who it is; much to her surprise, he winks at her and departs. Father and daughter then run outside to watch as Kringle's sleigh ascends into the air and drives out of sight to the calls of "Merry Christmas".



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