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At the request of the Fomor, the signatories of the Unseelie Accords gather to resolve growing tensions with them. The meeting takes place in the headquarters of the Brighter Future Society in Chicago and ends in violence after being sabotaged.



In the aftermath of the War, the Fomor start taking advantage of the power vacuum left by the destruction of the Red Court. Their expansionist actions, after centuries of laying low, have brought them into conflict with other supernatural nations, as well as humans. Eventually, the Fomor request a gathering under the Unseelie Accords, purportedly in order to discuss and resolve the situation. Baron John Marcone offers to host the event in his base of Chicago.[1]


On the second evening, the Fomor delegation arrives and breaks up the summit by attacking the security forces of the attendants. The Titan Ethniu declares her intent to attack the humans of Chicago in order to reassert the authority of supernatural powers over humanity, and invites the gathered parties to join her.[2] After her departure, most of those assembled agree to join forces to defend the humans.[3]


The major powers who have signed the Unseelie Accords send representatives to the event:[5]

While the Forest People are not part of the Accords, Strength of a River in His Shoulders also attends.[6]

In addition to the formal delegates, some parties have also brought external security forces, including Freydis and Sigrun Gard and several Einherjaren.[7]

In the series[]

Peace Talks[]

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