The Chicago Police Department is the principal law enforcement agency of the City of Chicago. A division of it is Special Investigations.

Special InvestigationsEdit

Special Investigations is a division of the Chicago Police Department. It is appointed to all cases in which something unexplainable or supernatural is involved.

It is part of Karrin Murphy's job to make up a lot of stories around Headquarters: vampires were because of drug-users hallucinating, trolls were big ugly drunk men.[1]

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Proven GuiltyEdit

In Proven Guilty, Karrin Murphy was replaced as head of S.I. with Detective John Stallings. Karrin was busted down to Detective Sergeant and partnered with Henry Rawlins who was promoted to a detective in Special Investigations.[2]

White NightEdit

In White Night, Karrin Murphy wasn't in charge anymore, but it doesn't make much of a difference to the other detectives in SI. If she needed them, they were there.[3]


At the end of ChangesKarrin Murphy was fired[4] due to Rudolph.[5]

Black Cat InvestigationsEdit

Black Cat investigations were handled by senior members of the Thirteenth Precinct of the Chicago Police Department. These were unexplainable and unwanted cases prior to SI. The detectives that worked them were called "Black Cats".[6], and Collin Murphy is a known member of the group.

In the seriesEdit

Blood RitesEdit

In Blood Rites, Marion Murphy, Karrin Murphy's mother, told Harry Dresden that her husband Collin Murphy was a Black Cat for twelve, that Karrin never knew because she never told her. And, that Collin took his own life at his desk because the pressure got to him.[6]


In Changes, Karrin Murphy told Agent Barry Tilly that the cases they handled were real, that there really are vampires and other things. Tilly had heard of them but like everyone else believed those detectives were on drugs. Murphy also told Tilly that SI now handles the same type of cases only they write fictional reports to make it not sound like they are on acid.[5]


  • Varetti (SI)[7]
  • Farrel (SI)[7]


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