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Chicago Historical & Art Society is an elite club, mentioned in Death Masks.


It is an elite club for the upper crust. Gentleman John Marcone is chairman of directors. They put on a gallery sale and a fundraiser auction for charity at the Marriott Downtown Chicago Hotel. Tickets are five-thousand-dollar a plate donation to the charity. After hearing Marcone's name, Harry Dresden thinks it certainly sounds like smuggling is a possibility [1]

In the series[]

Death Masks[]

In Death Masks, Susan Rodriguez left a message for Harry Dresden that she has for the tickets though her employer, Midwestern Arcane, to a fundraiser sponsored by the Chicago Historical & Art Society for herself and for Harry Dresden—and formal wear.[1]

Later, Susan and Dresden attend the fundraiser to track down Anna Valmont and the Shroud of Turin before she sells it to John Marcone. They run into Marcone and Hendricks and are introduced to his new security advisor, Ms. Gard. Marcone tells them to leave and call in the Gala security. Martin creates a diversion to enable Susan and Dresden to go deeper into the hotel so Dresden can use a tracking spell to locate where Anna Valmont is. Dresden finds her, interrupts the transaction and the Denarians, Deirdre Archleone and Quintus Cassius led by Nicodemus Archleone, come after the Shroud of Turin. After an altercation, in which swirling marks appear on Susan and is identified as "Fellowship", Archleone takes the shroud and abducts Dresden. Susan, Valmont and Martin escape.[2]


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