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A changeling is a person with one human parent and one faerie parent.


In childhood, changelings are indistinguishable from ordinary humans. In adolescence, however, a changeling's faerie ancestry begins to express itself, and the changeling starts to exhibit faerie characteristics in line with his or her fae parent's nature. For example, Meryl, a troll changeling, began to display troll characteristics such as prodigious strength, uncontrollable anger, and troll-like hair coloration.

At any time, changelings can choose to fully embrace one side of their nature, becoming either fully human or fully faerie. Until such a decision, they are under the rule of the Faerie Court to which their fae parent belongs.[1]

In the series[]

Summer Knight[]

In Summer Knight, Harry Dresden finds a photo of four changeling friends with the murdered Summer Knight, Ronald Reuel at Disneyland, putting Dresden on their trail.[2]

At the funeral parlor where Ronald Reuel is laid out, Dresden Listened—they heard Dresden's fair, but they're scared of him. When Dresden finds them in the alley, they toss him into a trash bin and run.[3] Later, Meryl and Fix (sans Ace) apologize for earlier and hire Dresden to find Lily.[1] Meryl and Fix go with Dresden and the Alphas to save Lily in the Valley of the Stone Table.[4]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Harry Dresden gets attended to and nursed back to health by Sarissa. Mab told Dresden that she is a changeling who once sought of her a favor.[5]


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